Welcome to SADSA!

SADSA | The South African Divorce Support Association is a Counselling, Coaching, Support and Family Mediation practice for people contemplating, undergoing or having gone through a separation/divorce.

Adjusting to a separation is a process that takes time and at SADSA, we want to provide support with emotional processing together with assistance in enabling you to view this, not as a break up in your life, but rather as a change in direction and an opportunity to develop yourself.

Of course every divorce is different and we cannot generalise the aspects leading to it, but it is important to acknowledge that, given the norm, why look at it still as a failure as opposed to an opportunity and admitting that we may be trapped in a relationship that is no longer contributing to our personal growth.

In doing so, we allow ourselves to look at our life as changing and evolving and not as terminating.

Divorce is the end of a relationship, not the end of your life.

SADSA aims at raising awareness that a separation/divorce is mostly an emotional process and therefore will find no proper resolution in dealing with it legally and to assist separating parents in understanding that the Law doesn’t raise children, parents do! SADSA is aiming at educating parents in the importance of putting children and their needs first. Divorce is no longer an exception, it has become a norm. It has been discussed however that it is not necessarily a divorce which causes stress and pain in children, but the ongoing conflicting relationship of their parents. If parents are being taught  how to handle their emotions they can contribute in helping their children to grow up as well adjusted, successful and happy adults.

My MISSION at SADSA is to promote the development of a child-centred divorce, to create an awareness of the emotions involved in a divorce and how it affects the children.

SADSA’s mission is to offer a divorce/separation process helping and guiding divorcing/separating parents to discuss the future well-being of their children together and to:

  • Keep the focus on their children’s best interest
  • Help you make lasting, sound decision about parenting
  • Assist you, the parents, in working together to develop a child-centred custody plan and Improve your ability to


SADSA has an in-depth understanding of each person’s feelings and needs, which enables you and your spouse to obtain a divorce, remain on good terms and mostly STAY OUT OF COURT.

The purpose of SADSA is to provide vision and support through continual encouragement of co-operation and to assist divorced parents to establish healthy Co-Parenting for the children in the hopes of fostering an atmosphere of respect, responsibility, integrity and harmony.

We hope to spread this spirit of Co-Parenting until it becomes common place in all families of divorce.


SADSA is based in Cape Town.