SADSA is dedicated to supporting and assisting individuals and families through the hardship of a relationship Break-Up.

Divorce has become a norm and at SADSA, we want to provide support with emotional processing together with assistance in enabling you to view this, not as a break up in your life, but rather as a change in direction and an opportunity to develop yourself.

SADSA has explored the various step needed to approach the questions involved in this life changing decision. Some relationships need help to discover how to function better while others should be allowed to end.

This is why we offer a STRATEGICALLY THOUGHT PROCESS starting with:

  • Should I stay or should I go?

Even when life together has been unpleasant for a long time, making a decision to stay together or to separate is usually difficult. Addressing the many questions around it prior of making the decision will assist you to make the right decision.

  • Approaching the divorce talk with your children, and

Telling your children about your separation/divorce will probably be the most the most difficult talk you will ever have to do. Being prepared and having rehearsed which age appropriate scenarios are best adapted will provide with the confidence to share the news in a non threatening way while minimising the trauma on your children.

  • Providing post divorce recovery support for both adults and children.

Nothing is more important than having the emotional strength to move on with your life. Without this, you will find yourself making similar mistakes and stumbling recurrently over problems instead of turning them into opportunities. One needs to recover from their trauma. Seeking support is the first step towards taking this responsibility.

We are here to offer empathy and experience, and to provide practical tips to deal with the various issues so you can move forward with your life.