Family Healing

Because a divorce/separation impacts more than just the couple who made the decision to end their relationship, SADSA is now offering a comprehensive support coaching process for parents and their children, simultaneously.

SADSA is very excited to welcome Cindy Arenstein to the team and with Cindy on board, we are very happy to offer the “Family Healing” process.

What is it?

While parents are preoccupied by their divorce/separation, their concerns for the impact it has on their children is always present. But, however well intended parents can be, sometimes, they just need that extra bit of help to relieve them of some responsibilities.

Even though their concerns are valid and sending their children to a therapist to assist them with the chaos of the separation is a wise decision, parents often neglect to take care of themselves too. Sending the children to therapy, if parents are not addressing their own issues and address how the family is going to move forward, will only be a short term solution.

Children are the product of their environment and while their behaviour needs to be addressed, their environment needs to be healed for them, to move forward with their changing lives.

How does it work?

This is a structured process whereby both parents and children participate simultaneously.

The parents will go through Divorce/Family coaching with Nadia and the children will go through the process with Cindy.

Both parents and children will be exploring emotions, knowing oneself and how to move forward, to meet at the end of the process with the ability to begin the healing journey and allow the children from not being stigmatised by a broken family but evolve in their changing family.

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