Who am I?

These 3 small words hold the key to unlocking your full potential. As a keen Choice Theorist, most of my work is based on Choice Theory, the work of William Glasser, MD, and is the culmination of some 50 years of theory and practice in psychology and counselling. During the process of learning Choice Theory, one is introduced to the […]

Mediation: A must for separating parents.

The end of your relationship has ended, and truth is, no one can really prepare you for the emotional turbulence that is about to be experienced. Sure, every separation is different, and the intensity of emotions will vary from person to person, but the ending of a relationship remains one of the most traumatic experience […]

Divorce/separation & Co-parenting

Most articles that I read on Co-Parenting refer to co-parents as 2 parents who have gone through a divorce/separation. They refer to co-parents as exes; ex husband/wife; ex lover; ex partner. Either way, the reference is focused on 2 people who are now apart after having been together and have had children together. The focus […]

Right or Wrong?

I see many parents that are in conflict, and some that can’t even be in the same room as each other. People ask me how I remain neutral in those instances, that there must be one that is right and one that is wrong. Truth is, when in conflict, both are right and both are […]

Is Mediation right for us?

I often hear people tell me that Mediation is not right for them, to what I always answer: “What are you trying to accomplish that cannot be done in Mediation? It is true that there are some exceptions to this rule where mediation may not be appropriate like in cases of domestic violence, for example. […]


I so often hear parents complain of their relationship with their children and the reason being because they are the “disciplinarian” in the family. My first question to them is: What does discipline mean to you? The answers range from being strict, setting up rules, punishing, keeping them on a straight path through rigid means […]

Co-Parenting Etiquette

As per the children’s ACT, BOTH parents have equal rights and responsibilities unless otherwise stated by a Court of Law. When separating/divorcing from your children’s other parent, a lot has to be reconsidered. While living under one roof does not make a family perfect. Living under two roofs certainly will bring its shares of challenges. […]

I’m Stuck

While a divorce/separation is painful, now and again, I meet someone who is really struggling to move on with their life. The first thing to understand is that healing isn’t a linear process. To experience ups and downs are normal. You have been married/together for a certain period of time and a divorce/separation shakes what […]

Pointing Finger

Many people that I meet for counselling or mediation have a finger to point at the other party. I like to begin with establishing that no one is ever blameless. Sure, some people are downright wrong and even bad, but that doesn’t mean that the other person is blameless. Finger Pointing is defined as casting […]

Moving On

All I hear from people going through a divorce is how they want to move on, yet, so many have been battling their divorce for an ongoing 2, 3, 4, and even 5 years. The conflict they are experiencing is sinking them further in a position that feels more like being a hostage to their […]