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From Caterpillar to Butterfly – FREE eBook – GET YOUR  COPY HERE ~ Author: Nadia Thonnard

Your personal guide to overcoming your breakup and changing your life (spreading your wings) successfully.

The Law doesn’t raise children. Parents do! – FREE eBook – GET YOUR COPY HERE ~ Author: Nadia Thonnard

A Guide For CO-Parents

I’m breaking up. Now what? –FREE eBook – GET YOUR COPY HERE ~ Author: Nadia Thonnard

A convenient downloadable BreakUp Emergency Assistance Guide for anyone going through a Divorce or Breakup.

It will help you go through the crisis, stabilise your current emotional state, foster clarity of thought, and get you pointed in the right direction.

Co-Parenting: Are you seeking to making a point or making a difference? – FREE eBook – GET YOUR COPY HERE ~ Author: Nadia Thonnard

Transforming Divorce: Mediation vs Litigation – Download the document HERE