Mediation: A sensible solution to an emotional decision.


A Divorce is the legal dissolution of a marriage by a court or other competent body typically with an undesirable effect.

A Divorce is a decision with emotional consequences that is, at its best, a difficult undertaking.

Clients choose to go to attorneys with a variety of needs, only some of which are legal in nature.

The end of a relationship is however much more than this.

Whether your relationship was short or long, there is so much more than a legal dissolution which needs to be considered.

Before you can consider the full impact of the “breakup” you need to acknowledge the “loss” of:

  • Companion
  • Friend
  • Confident
  • Parenting partner
  • Wage earner
  • Sex partner
  • Dream of living happily ever after
  • Mutual friend
  • An extended family
  • Feeling of being safe

Mediation is a voluntary, interactive and solution focused process used in a way to assist and resolve dispute between 2 or more parties. Mediation keeps the focus on the needs and rights of the parties and helps them to negotiate an agreement.

Mediation is broadly becoming recognised as a more peaceful and accepted solution to end conflict and therefore is best suited for Family law matters which are seldom fit to be litigated in court.

Many times, divorcing clients feel stuck and unable to make critical decisions about their life, leaving the legal process unable to move forward.

Mediation is different from going to an Attorney in that it will support the clients in the divorce process by guiding them to make decisions themselves. It will not tell them how to handle their legal, financial and personal affairs but it will guide both parties through the process, if not more amicably, then more efficiently.

Unsure about this process? You can book an initial consultation to evaluate if this is the right option for you.

~ The Law doesn’t raise children, Parents do & Love is not court ordered ~