Divorce Solution

The end of a relationship is a stressful, life changing event which can affect your work, relationships, friendships and financial security.

The traditional approach to divorce of contacting a lawyer will look after your legal right but will do little to help you deal with all the other issues and especially the emotional side.

SADSA’s Divorce Solution is unique in that it understands that a divorce is an emotional process requiring a legal dissolution, therefore the focus is on the needs of the divorcing parties and less on the legalities.

Truth is, the legal system isn’t fit to deal with family matters, because family matters are seldom legal issues.

We will assist you to resolve your divorce through a non-litigated, peaceful & respectful mediated approach. The Divorce Solution team of professionals seek mutually beneficial results with you, your soon to be ex, & children in mind.

Divorce Solution works on the principle that the divorcing parties do not wish to litigate their divorce and wish to resolve their divorce out of court whereby they agree to not take any contested issue to court.

Divorce Solution offers a process [click HERE] combining the best of Divorce Coaching, Mediation and the Legal collaboration of a Lawyer.

We have defined a reasonable time frame of +/- 8 weeks from start to finish with a fixed fee.

* Should more sessions be needed, an hourly fee will apply.