About Nadia Thonnard


My name is Nadia Thonnard.

  • Counselling Graduate from The South African College of Applied Psychology – Diploma Couns.& Comm (SACAP)(CHE)
  • Certified Divorce & Family Mediator (FAMAC accredited)
  • Basic Intensive Training in Choice Theory and Reality Therapy (William Glasser International)

I am the Owner of Inner Minds, a Therapy Practice, the Founder of SADSA and a Qualified Professional with a passion for making a difference.

Divorce is no longer an exception. It has become a norm. With this evidence, we need to change our approach to divorce and de-stigmatise all the “taboos” associated with it.

I am a parent who faced divorce. I was not prepared for the emotional roller coaster which hit me – feeling fear, anger, resentment, stress, relief, anxiety, sadness and, of course, the inevitable guilt, and realised the need for support, de-stigmatising the taboos attached to divorce and the importance of parenting after divorce. I then ventured on a career change into applied psychology at age 42 and graduated with a Diploma in Counselling & Communication from the South African College of Applied Psychology (SACAP) in 2009.

Through SADSA, I gear at meeting the varied needs of families facing divorce/separation.

My aim is to provide divorcing/separating parents with the support and solutions best adapted to both their personalities in order to help them re-look their pattern of communications and better their relationship as co-parents.

My mission is to be a force of positive change. To see each day as a chance to seize new opportunities and to teach my children and others to love, laugh and discover their own unlimited potential.

If what you truly want is the best for your children, do the right thing for them, even if it means compromising some parts of your life.