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So, I don’t usually jump on internet trends and fuel up with my own 2 cents and I certainly was not going to do it with the Momo Challenge! However, an article from KAREN HOPE BLACHER made me choose to act otherwise for the only reason that it is a brilliant article which actually offers a solution instead of digging further in a fear based propaganda. [The link to this article will be provided at the end of this article.]

People are very quick to react and join in a collective fear, anger or ineffective behaviour. This mass uproar sure brings some level of awareness, but hardly any sustainable solution! While some people join in to shout a loud message of “Something has to be done”, few actually “Do something about it”.

So how do you do something about it? How do you find and offer a solution?

This article is brilliant in that it aligns itself with my teachings of getting to know one’s blueprint. You see, it’s not enough to understand and be able to state that everything begins with you, one needs to be able to implement it, not as occasional events challenge your behaviour, but as a second skin. Your blueprint is you. If you do not understand who you truly are and how to be truly you, as opposed to what society has worked hard at designing for you, making you believe who you should be instead of who you already are, you will remain hostage to many news like the Momo Challenge.

All we ever receive is information. What we do with this information is up to us, and no, it is not the information that makes us behave in a certain way, it is our very personal idea about the information that makes us respond in the way we do. Why do certain people, upon seeing a spider will scream and start making some very interesting dance move at the very sight of that spider (that is me by the way) and others will see a beautiful animal which needs to be removed from being exposed to a dangerous erratic human and released back into a natural environment to remain safe from a certain death? It is not the spider which is causing you to feel fear. It is your perception which creates meaning to the information you are receiving.

Danger is all around us and a lot of our fight or fly behaviours serve a purpose which is to protect us, but when a perceived danger is being addressed with a consistent response to run and squash the spider, when upon closer look it turns out it is a plastic spider, the problem is no longer the problem, the problem is our attitude to the problem.

Children are the products of their environment and it is our responsibility to discipline (which by the way means to teach, and not to punish) them about the very environment they live in. We know that our beautiful world is not perfect and that this amazing human race is also not perfect. Disciplining (teaching) our children into fear of our imperfect world is not going to allow our children to learn that they actually have power over their perception and action. As parents, we have the huge responsibility to help our children mould their Blueprint and not just teach them to join in with the mass who is disconnected from their Blueprint, from knowing who they really are, or just impose on them our own ill understood fears and anxieties. When we do so, we rob our children from knowing that they have power to self-reflect and look beyond a problem to create a solution. Fear based information will only teach your children to join the mass who is very good at screaming, “something must be done” rather than looking within, check in with their Blueprint and take action to do something about it.

The choice is yours.

You can read the article I refer to HERE.

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