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For most people I meet, who are experiencing the ending of a relationship, they want a quick divorce, a quick fix to move on, an instant result to be able to turn the next chapter of their life.

While staying stuck in anger and ongoing battles over a period of life which is no longer, is not the solution, providing a quick fix is mostly unrealistic.

People need to realise that their outer problems reflect information about their inner issues.

Wanting things to be quick is not a problem, but speed is really just an illusion.

If you rush through things, you will miss many moments which only, later, will make you wish you had paused at that time.

Taking the time to be aware of your emotions and thoughts is very important, for it is the process you use to create your own experience.

It’s all about choice and understanding that the choices you make, how you choose to deal with your challenges, will determine the quality of your experiences.

So, as you face a problem, know that a quick fix is only meant to hold things together until you have discovered an effective long-term solution.

If speed needs to be valued for anything it’s to make the decision to begin your journey of self-discovery and healing with no further delay.

Invest in yourself to acquire the tools to face your varied challenges and acknowledge that your journey has no time frame, and when you are faced with an unpleasant time, instead, know that your life is not a marathon, but a journey that never stops to be explored.

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