Your children need you

Image result for contribution to societyA divorce/separation remains one of the most traumatic life event with parents finding themselves at wits ends over their never-ending conflicts, expensive lawyers bills and court appearances, all in the name of what is in the best interest of the children.

What started off as 2 people starting a family with not too much thought about their future, apart from it being bright and happy, are now living a present hell and creating a future in which their children will grow up with no happy childhood memories (the competition of expensive presents and outrageous outings do not count), not being given the permission to love and be loved by their parents and feel that they are the reason why their parents had to make so many sacrifices and are in financial distress.

When things go wrong, parents expect the Law to take charge and establish what is acceptable and what is not, when in fact, parents are the sole custodian of their children and they are the ones who need to take responsibility for:

  • Their parental responsibilities
  • Their time spent with their children
  • And how they are hurting their children

Before you make a court case of your conflicts, remember that your separation is not your children’s separation. Stop wanting to defeat each other and move your focus from competition to contribution.

The Law doesn’t raise children, Parents do!


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