Children need Love & Belonging

Image result for loving childrenThe ultimate questions to getting separated are: How do I move forward? How do I co-parent, when I no longer trust the person that I trusted the most in my life? How do I share children with someone I feel does not deserve our children?

As you face becoming a separated parents, you are trying to make sense of the roller coaster of emotions you are experiencing, yet more often than not, those emotions are taking second row to the legal decisions which need to be made to move forward setting up two homes and planning on how to share the children.

Seeking legal guidance is necessary, but it is important to do so with a sound emotional foundation. Seeking legal guidance under stressed emotions will find you have those emotions misused and manipulated.To become a separated parent can be daunting and create anxiety on so many levels but as you are facing the legal dissolution of your relationship, you remain first and foremost at the mercy of your emotions. Your anxieties for the future will turn into fear and blame and you will loose yourself in choosing fear instead of hope when making decisions.

Sure, a separation is seldom a pleasant time. It is often a time when you are faced with the discovery of deceits and lies, but ultimately, you both want to move on finding solutions for your problems, and not have those problems unfairly used by a legal system which has no insight into your family’s needs.

Parents’ differences can be exploited for the purpose of “winning” your case. A great focus is put on parental Roles and Responsibilities, but it is a very sad time indeed when this focus takes precedence over your children’s needs for Love and Belonging. You did not need, or seek, legal advice when you decided to have a child. You decided to have a child because you wanted to have a child to love and who will be loved.

Your separation changes living arrangements, not who you are as a parent and certainly not the love you have for your children.

The Law doesn’t raise children, Parents do!

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