For many, a successful relationship is about making sacrifices, as is having children, but sacrifices mean that one is giving up something for the sake of something else.

In my opinion, as long as you approach anything in your life as a sacrifice, it’ll end up becoming something that may cause you to eventually feel resentful, because giving up something for something else is never a wishful alternative.

Relationships should be about complementing your life and having children is about feeling that you have something to offer to complement someone’s else’s life. None of these are about taking something away, they are about adding and complementing.

If you feel you are sacrificing something in your life it would be worth considering what are some of your basic human needs that you are not satisfying.

When you neglect to satisfy something necessary or desirable that you require or want, your choices become flawed and begin to feel like your have to make necessary sacrifices. So in order to be happy with your choices and to free yourself from feeling you are making sacrifices, understand that:

  • You always have a choice because even not making a choice is a choice.
  • The choices you make are directly influenced by whether your needs are properly met or not. Learn to know yourself so you can be aligned with your needs.
  • Know what you want. Wanting something is very different from needing something. A need is “something that you must have: something that is needed in order to live, or succeed, or be happy.” A want is something you might like to have rather than a requirement for healthy living.”

So, although you may believe in the importance that you must be prepared to make sacrifices in life, wonder first if you are sacrificing something or sacrificing yourself.

~ Nadia Thonnard