One aspect of many conflicts and distraught relationships are poor or a lack of personal boundaries.

Many clients come to me looking for solutions to the chaos present in their lives and when it is clear that boundaries are an issue, they expect that a couple of tips are going to do the trick to get them back track.

Boundaries are not that easy to establish. It takes patience, hard work, dedication and mostly a knowledge of oneself.

Emerging from a toxic relationship often leaves  people wounded and having lost their sense of self.

Discovering who you truly are is paramount to moving on and creating personal boundaries which fit yourself, as there is no one size fit all in boundaries. Boundaries are a personal thing, but implementing them is generic. Setting boundaries are not about saying NO. Sure saying no to someone who abuses your kindness is a big part of it, but it is not necessarily everything. Setting boundaries is about knowing clearly what it is that you need and want. It is about knowing your values and not being coerced into changing them. It is asserting what makes you, you.

This is why the foundation of my work always starts with guiding my clients to discover who they truly are. To know their qualities and their strength and embrace their flaws as well as their weaknesses is part of this wonderful journey of self discovery and healing.

~ Nadia Thonnard