Financial and emotional cost of co-parenting

It is always a very tough situation when one parent seems to be completely oblivious of their roles and responsibilities and I hear recurringly desperate parents complaining on how the legal system is failing them and their “irresponsible” co-parent just get away with evading paying maintenance or sticking to the schedule of visits.

Truth is, the legal system isn’t fit to deal with family matters, because family matters are not legal issues. The Law doesn’t raise children, parents do.

I seek to raise awareness that parents need to review and address their emotions first as there are no conflicts with only one person and only in getting to the root cause of the conflict and validate everyone’s hurts and anger can they eventually move forward.

The distance which has ridged between 2 co-parents, has happened because so much emotions have surfaced and both parties have drifted so far apart, that it is very hard to find a reasonable way back to being parents together and one parent will too often rather choose to give up. In making the effort to work with co-parenting coaching, parents can safely start finding a way back together.

To keep fighting someone will only keep digging the ridge between the 2 of you and the financial and emotional costs of fighting this legally may not give you the result you wish. Parents who are determined not to pay or be involved in their children’s lives can become very creative in doing so.

To keep fighting the matter legally you need to be equipped to take on the fight and even if the battle is won, the war won’t be.

Only you can decide if the cost of doing so is worth it.

~ Nadia Thonnard