Co-Parenting alone

How can co-parenting be of value if my ex is not interested?

I often get calls about a separated parent wishing to come to co-parenting coaching but the other co-parent is unwilling to come.

Truth is, the co-parent who is initiating the request will benefit from co-parenting coaching with or without their co-parent.

You see, just like any relationships, co-parents are each a half of the parenting relationship. Seeking support for challenges and conflicts and working on oneself will affect change which will directly impact the co-parenting relationship and will motivate the other person to eventually adjust to new attitudes.

Although we are individuals with various degree of singularity, we are part of a collective and how we behave in this collective has an impact on others.

The best way to resolve conflicts and co-parenting challenges is to bring kindness, sensitivity and acceptance to the relationship yourself. Learn to have clear and ethical boundaries with your co-parent will go a long way in setting standards for the overall quality of the co-parenting relationship.

Coming to co-parenting coaching by yourself to evaluate making those efforts is therefore not a wasted effort.

In the end, what will contribute to bettering your co-parenting relationship is being able to ask yourself: How am I contributing to the conflicts and challenges? In finding the answer and solution, you will be half way there!

~ Nadia Thonnard